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iCalamus v 1.05

Cronologia Cambiamenti:

Ispettore Testo
  • Novità: [223]: Font selector no longer reflects OS X font substitution. Selected font can be changed by using the cursor keys.
  • Novità: [222]: Baseline shift option added (also available on text style dialog).
Modifica Testo
  • Novità: [278]: Cursor is drawn with exclusive blend mode for better visibility on black and coloured backgrounds.
  • Fix: [274]: Cursor did not follow insertion point in some cases.
Ispettore Contenuto per Riquadri di Testo
  • Novità: [176]: Text wrap can be switched off for selected text frames.
  • Fix: [247]: Redraw of text correct after changing number of text columns.
Text Styles
  • Fix: [276]: Style management debugged. No more problems with text frames being copied.
Ispettore Allineamento
  • Fix: [217]: Aligning debugged.
  • Fix: [216]: Alignment method can be toggled by pressing [Alt] key modifier.
Ispettore Riquadro
  • Fix: [255]: Update shadow correctly when opacity of image is changed.
  • Fix: Bug in GUI resolved that causes errors when applying name to a frame.
  • Fix: [288]: Scaling bug on print output fixed.
  • Fix: [256]: Do output of shadow even if frame is located outside of printed area.
Save document
  • Fix: [271]: Show error message if there is not enough memory to save document.
Modalità Miscelazione
  • Fix: [249]: Blend modes consistant with Apple's Display in iCalamus reflects blend modes correctly: Results look the same in and iCalamus.
  • Fix: [281]: PDF export exports images with full resolution.
Ispettore Pagina
  • Fix: [294]: Column stepper on document dialog usable.
  • Novità: Hyphenation has been improved.
  • Fix: [270]: Sometimes iCalamus launch failed. The file system path always points to the app correctly.
  • Fix: [293]: Feedback dialog supports continuous spell checking.

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