iCalamus v 1.12

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DTP till Mac OS X. (31 Oct 2014 | 20501)


File Handling
  • Nytt: Memory management enhancements for images and shadows, which cause e.g. faster document loading and less RAM usage on print.
  • Fix: [538]: Deleted images are no longer saved in the document.
  • Fix: [535]: iPhoto images are also found when they are not placed in the default path ~/Images.
  • Fix: [536]: After data have been merged into the document from the clipboard, the document view no longer switches to the page center but stays as set before.
  • Fix: [533]: EPS files with Mac OS X identifier 'EPSF' can be placed and imported again.
  • Fix: [517]: Documents from iCalamus versions older than iCalamus v1.10 could not be saved in iCalamus v1.11.
  • Fix: [532]: Error in Frame Inspector initialization fixed which could cause that options in the Frame Inspector subgroups could not be selected.
Text Editing
  • Fix: [519]: Page Number text fields didn't work due to a bug in Mac OS X Leopard.
  • Fix: [531]: Data transfer from »Art Text« via LinkBack no longer crashes iCalamus.
  • Nytt: New 'Quick start' chapter in the manual explains: How to create a black background in photo books.
  • Nytt: [219], [343]: A progress bar visualizes loading and saving of large documents.
  • Fix: Several menu items have been adjusted to used standards, e.g. by TextEdit (German version).
  • Fix: Redraw bug under Leopard on tools usage fixed.
  • Fix: Quotation marks and ellipsis formatting fit to typographical criteria (German version).



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